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Tek Extracting from used rosin pucks


Dogs like me
I save previously squeezed pucks in a glass jar. When it fills with pucks, I soak them in 99% iso alcohol for 5-10 minutes, then strain off the alcohol.

I filter it with a coffee filter in a funnel placed on a glass jar. I reuse the alcohol 3-5 times until it darkens from rosin.

When I have time I render it down using a table top essential oil distiller. It's just like a table to water distiller but operates at a lower temp.

When it's almost done, I transfer it into a glass measuring cup and finish it on a coffee warmer.

Once done, I fill the measuring cup with 95% ethanol and stir and rewarm it until it's completely dissolved.

Then freeze the mix for a few days. I filter it again while cold. A lot of the wax sticks to the glass and the coffee filter gets most of the rest.

I've found up to 50% plant wax from used pucks. The plant waxes also have water that freezes and that makes winterizing effective.

When filtering is done I render it down again.

The resulting oil is clean and strong. You can dab it, but it's pretty much tasteless. I collect and store the oil in syringes. And use it for cannabis caps and medibles. I find it's maybe 25-30% stronger than rosin. (My guess, I never had it tested)
@Shredder great use of pucks indeed. Given that there is so much wax in the pucks do you think that rosin needs to be winterized after pressing to remove waxes and lipids? I haven't been, but it popped into my head a few days back and I've been pondering it for awhile now...
@Shredder great use of pucks indeed. Given that there is so much wax in the pucks do you think that rosin needs to be winterized after pressing to remove waxes and lipids? I haven't been, but it popped into my head a few days back and I've been pondering it for awhile now...

If your eating the oil you may not need to winterize it. But it will be cleaner, stronger and safer if you do.

Along with water, plant waxes hold ISO from the first wash. If you don't winterize, I'd at least use ethanol over iso.

Because of the volume I use iso because it's cheaper. I can recoup some iso using the distiller, and I only need a cup or so of ethanol for winterizing.

I can get 5 gallons of 99% iso for $94. 95% ethanol cost me close to $400 for 5 gallons.
Great method @Shredder! I do all the same except winterizing. I use this extracted oil for edibles and figure the waxes and such are OK for ingestion.

A completely unscientific method of checking your oil is to touch it with your finger, then your tongue. If iso is still there it will be uncomfortable on your tongue. It may burn or sting.

Ethanol would sting as well, but is less a hazard. Not pleasent, more like gasoline, than a liquor, but it's a bit safer.

Edit, just thought I'd add, when I think my oil is 100% done, I cover the glass measuring cup with a paper towel and let it sit out overnight. It should be shiney like glass almost.

Then the next day I reheat it and test with my finger. In most cases it's done by then.
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I have been doing this with pucks/AVB/left over material from making bubble hash or sometimes leaf

Pretty much exactly this except for the winterisation (we have spoken about this before)
Today was the first time I have done the winterisation process and refilter
I only saw this post now after I finished lol

What an amazing difference it makes
Very clean as described above and no mess on a dab nail ( I don't generally dab this oil I make caps, but I like to dab a bit when done to test)
Cleanest I have dabbed with the oil
Cleanest tasting on the tounge as straight oil too, faint hash oil taste but clean af and not overbearing

If I have loads of leaf I make this oil too
Next time I will winterise that also

I had read about it before but not done it
After talking to you last time I gave it a go
Cheers for the info
Really steps up an old method and product to a new level with little effort

Funny you made a thread about it
I was about to do the same as I just finished making some and found this one

I have nothing to add really to your directions, this is what I did almost exactly give or take but more material saved up
If I have heaps I use a drill and paint stirir
The still I've had for ages and think it's brilliant
I use glass science beakers for the final purge

Such a clean final product really impressed
Much better as medical caps
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I am starting to get quite a collection of pressed pucks and have a mason jar with iso I use to 'swish-out' used herb storage mason jars and grinder cleaning.

I have rarely pressed under a 10g puck so quite a bit here to process.
I was thinking of suspending the mason jar of iso in my ultrasonic cleaner and dipping each puck like dropping a bit of fish in batter using tongs.
I will use for xmas brownies with ABV flour and maybe some other butter/oils as I have some sunflower lecithin to try.
I break up the pucks > decarb them (and the bags) > fill a new rosin press bag with the decarbed material (and bags) > drop that in the alcohol (or MCT oil) > remove bag from alcohol and squeeze it with a clamp > empty the bag, refill and repeat

But you can decarb later if you're making an MCT infusion or if you're going to evaporate off all the alcohol
I have evaporated off all the iso and had to tip some liquid off the blob that smells sweet, no hint of alcohol.

Smells nice, should I skull it? :rofl:
Not sure what to do now...any suggestions...scraped straight into a brownie mix as part of the butter weight?

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