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Lunacy Favorite commercials from your childhood?


Well-Known Member

As a small child, who didn't know any better, I loved the Frito Bandito. Then he was gone. Rewatching the commercial, I can see why. I no longer eat Fritos, but they were a big ingredient when Mom made "Mexican" food. Actually, the only Mexican food she made was Frito Pie, so it figures they were in there.


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Accessory Maker
How exciting! Nothing like new mods.
I spent $$$$$ on Weebles. Too much. Should have saved for vapes...
The rest of my $$$$ went for My Little Pony...
Now I'm ashamed to mention that my Weebles regularly beat up on my sister's My Little Pony.... :cry:

Honestly, the Pony never stood a chance! After all, "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!!!!" :dog:

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