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Tips Flexible Bottle Brush


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hehehehe....on our various vape forums I sometimes feel some of our threads are like articles of the MJ version of Hints from Heloise! HAHA

So, here I present the flexible bottle brush for getting down into your drop downs, stems, and other curving shapes in your water tools. Ordered from Amazon, shipped from Shenzhen. Its actually pretty good quality and works well.

Flaxible Bottle Brush.jpeg

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Looks like you snake some glass plumbing with that. :biggrin: How firm are the bristles BTW? I've bought other chemistry brushes and scratched glass with the metal ends. Your brushes only have the twisted ends where the bristles are needed. So perhaps a little less of a prob?

Well the amazon listing is gone now. So my hunt continues. But I found an aquarium brush that looks similar. Hot! 168cm Long Aquarium Fish Tank Pump Pipe Tube Filter Spring Cleaning Brush | eBay

If you need other types of brushes for cleaning glass. There are all kinds of funky glass that needs cleaning. And all types of Bottle, chemistry and aquarium, etc to choose from. So be picky and check the description of the materials used. And don't like say do something real simple like say scratch up the inside MP of your HD with some poor choice of brush. :facepalm2:
I'm still not quite over that goof.:BangHead: :dog:

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