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Meds Full Spectrum oil into spray

So if I'm understanding correctly, you are trying to turn a full spectrum CBD oil into a sprayable tincture? Is this for oral usage? And if so... why not just use the oil itself under the tongue sublingually? Making it into a spray will mean adding alcohol or glycerin to it... which will dilute the original oil.
True. I need to look at what I have. I was thinking it might be easier to dose for my daughter at night. The oil I have is extremely concentrated and easy to use to much.
Okay... so just curious... is this to stretch the oil and be frugal with it? Or are you worried about her taking 'too much?' Because she wont get high in any way off this oil. Unless you add alcohol to thin it of course lol... And adding glycerin wont work as a spray. I'm not sure what else you could thin it with.. maybe MCT oil? You would want to add enough that it came out as a mist more than a squirt... You could even add in a little flavoring oil to help with flavor.

I found this video that shows how to make a spray using MCT and distillate... you might get a little info from it.

Its for stretching the oil. I understand she won't get high. I just need to be as careful as possible with my funds as this accident has already cost a lot and I want her to have this amazing way of helping her fell better but I can't afford for her to "take to much" you know?

Thanks for the video I'll look at it. I suppose I could mix it with glycerin and use a dropper.

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