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Lunacy Fur Babies & other critters (the pets thread)


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For the non human companions that bring us so much joy.

My beautiful 'ACCA' girl. 9yrs old labby cross with a massive heart & is as tough as nails.
She is slowing down a bit now these days, but in her prime she was a force to be reckoned with.
A superior huntress as many birds, lizards & several cheeky possums found out the hard way.


but right now, she says 'go away daddy'

and here is our beautiful boy. 'ARNOLD' the rottweiler, he is 7 yrs old & is the most amazing animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. An utterly neurotic soul that was rescued by us from the needle some 5 yrs ago due to severe behaviour issues that were not his fault. Suffering from fear aggression it has been a long but rewarding road.

He has been fully rehabilitated and just loves people, however he is a bit wary of strangers at first but he quickly adjusts to a pat and even a cuddle. He has very simple tastes, for example his favourite thing in the whole world after a walk of course is the cardboard inners from toilet rolls. He devours at least 2 a day and will make quite the performance until he gets them. His second favourite thing in the world is............ ice, just plain old ice cubes.

He goes nuts for them. He has even buried ice cubes in the yard to go and get later. I have been on the receiving end of a few accusatory looks when he finds them gone later. Poor darling.

His enthusiasm for ice cubes has me wanting to make a youtube video of it.
Keep an eye out for a vid entitled -'The black kid I adopted is addicted to ice'

He is an utter clown in our presence and needs constant reassurance that all is well. One hell of a guard dog who takes his job of protecting who he loves and the homestead very seriously.



He recently has taken to mock attacking me as I come thru our gate into the backyard.
The first time I shit myself big time, a leaping snarling rottie flying thru the air at you is some scary business. but now I have learned its him practising and demonstrating to me what he would do if there was an intruder.
He is always very gentle and knows just how far to take the demonstration but trust me anyone coming into our yard is a dead man.

He is a talking rottie aka the rottie rumble, so pat him he growls, rub his belly he growls, give him a cuddle he growls.
Some rottie owners dont like it when they talk, and lemme tell ya it freaks strangers right out.
But we dont care, we know its him telling us how happy he is, however it did take a bit of getting used to.

My wife and I are now rottie owners for life. They are a wonderful breed that has been terribly misunderstood & labeled over the years.

My dogs love us with all their hearts and souls, they would lay down their lives for us with no hesitation.
All they want in return, is some love, food and a warm place to sleep.

what a bargain.
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I am a kat person. I have 2. One is an older female Manx. She has no tail and is a little more wired than any cat I have ever seen. The second is my little Daniel boy. He is some kinda silver tabby but he definitely has Ocelot markings for sure. He likes to lay over my shoulder, limp as a noodle, while I walk around patting him on the back. And of course we cannot forget my dear departed Bennett. He really thought he was just another person in this universe. He had a very good vocabulary which would really let you know what he was thinking at the time.






Sir B . . rip . . .



Here's my beautifully goofy American Bulldog, Layla.

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'Who me?!'
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Here is a pic of Alexander. He also has passed into the great beyond but he was a big, strong, silent type.


Here he is doing some modeling work for SCS . . . :smile:


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My bro sent me this picture of his Burmese. He looks as impressed with his bow tie as I was.


Is that a Wallabies jersey I spot @momofthegoons?

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