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Batteries gGO for oil cartridges


Always in search of the perfect vaporizer

I bought this at the local glass shop/vape accessories store for $20. I’ve been using it for about a month. It charges up fairly quickly with a USB port, I’ve gone through almost 2 cartridges. I prefer the distillates because they have a better vapor taste. You screw the vape cartridge into the vaporizer. I’ve spent anywhere from $35-40 for the one g oil cart. I haven’t noticed any leaking. I noticed my other cart did clog towards the end but the one I’m presently using hasn’t done that. I used a long thick needle to unclog it so it wasn’t a problem. My fave cannabis store will guarantee the cartridges if they leak or you can’t unclog them. As long as there’s approx half of the oil left.

I read that it’s made in WA state. I would presume the materials and battery came from China. Mine has the logo of the next door Cannabis store. It looks like an ecig. I feel I can go anywhere and no smell

Not sure how long the battery will last that’s inside? I’ve used it quite a bit. Probably too much! It’s a throwaway type of vaporizer but for the price if I get a few months use, it will be worth it. I saw this website on the package GaneshVapes.com/Warrenty info. I have no connection to the company just passing on useful info.
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