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Tips Glass Repair


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About a month ago, I broke one of my favorite bubblers... the limited series Leviathan M&M Tech bubbler.


I still get a little sick to my stomach thinking about it....

Fortunately, I was steered towards a glass repair guy on Instagram who did an amazing job. Hard to tell from the pic, but there were 3 pieces broken off.. And you would never know.


So if anyone needs some quality glass work done, this guy is your guy. Through Insta, his name is 916glassrepair. The repair was cheap, quick and easy. And yes; he ships.
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@momofthegoons - I remember when you broke it and we were all hopeful it could be repairs. Wow, great job and I'm glad you have it back in one piece. :headbang:
Thanks for posting this @momofthegoons

I have a nice Roor scientific bubbler that needs repair. It was the most expensive piece I've bought and I couldn't get myself to toss it so maybe this dude can fix it!
If you have all the pieces, shoot him a pic on IG in a dm and he'll walk you through it.

I would suggest you put each piece in a separate, labled paper bag and make note of how many pieces there are in your note that you send with the bubbler.
I have long enjoyed my Rooster Apparatus. The fritted disc provides really smooth vapor that I enjoy very much. However I accidently killed it while trying to unstick the adapter from the male joint . . . :doh: I really need to look into a sink insert of some kind. Anyways, unable to look at the destruction, I put it away in a cabinet for over a year and tried to forget about it. Well, I recently "found" it again and decided to send it back to the original artist, David Goldstein aka "The Bongfather" and have it repaired. This is the story of the resurrected Rooster.

The damage . . .



So, after e-mailing damage pics to Precision Glassworks and getting the OK to send it in for repair, I went to a package/mail type place that makes custom boxes and ships things and got it going up to PDX. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. However, I had another puzzle to figure out and that was . . . HOW do I get the broken male joint out of the adapter? Hmmmm . . . . That thing was stuck in there with a combo of resin and Joint Wax/Slide Right cementing it in place. I tried soaking it in ISO for a week . . . I tried really hot water . . . I tried pushing it out with the handle of a wooden spoon . . . nothing worked. Until I was reading on David's website about the Coca-Cola method. Well, I figured it couldn't hurt and I had tried everything else, so I figured what the hell. It seemed plausible to me as I remembered as kids we used to use Coke to clean the rust off our bicycle rims. So I gave it a good soak, topping up every so often to keep the fizz action going and behold, one day I picked up the adapter and heard a "clink" in my beaker. And there it was, free at last! Turns out its the combo of the phosphoric acid and the fizz that does it and this little trick saved me $40.

The puzzle . . .


Turn around time was just a few days and now I have a resurrected Rooster!!! :thumbsup: They were even nice enough to take off my old faded Rooster and print on a new one so, really, it looks brand new!!! This makes me very, very happy indeed . . . :nod: I want to say thanks to everyone at Precision Glassworks, they did a fantastic job.

The repair . . .


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Nice to be able to get an old favorite fixed!
Why did you not get the joint changed to a female while you were at it? It would stop the same problem from happening again...and how much did the repair cost in total with the special box, shipping etc compared to just replacing?
Why did you not get the joint changed to a female while you were at it?
A female joint without the adapter will not accept my Do-You-Dab Ti nail for concentrates. I only either dab or interface with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO for plant vaping. This setup does both nicely.
how much did the repair cost in total with the special box, shipping etc compared to just replacing?
The box and shipping was $60, and the repair was $130, so $190 total. Not bad to save my old friend I think . . . :nod:
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