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Meds Gorrilla Glue


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Well now, this strain is from the other side of the tracks for me. I had never been a fan of the heavily sedated effects that come with Indica dominant strains.

Things change. After a few months of job related abstinence & having trouble making contact with my favorite supplier I went to my backup. He says " Ya but it's GG " to which I reply " I dont care " . Anywhooo, Herb arrives & I feel flush with joy. My Woodscents is out of storage, fully hot & waiting. I go into this thinking I'm going to tear it up. Two hits in & after going downstairs to get some tea ... reality & the truth of the matter have set in HARD .

For the next few hours I sit, relaxed, at a level I had not felt in many years, pleasantly staring out my upstairs office window at nothing, while in very deep thought .......

Many years ago, near death in a complete & utter shit hole of a place ... I come to ... throwing up from pain ... I realize I'm being dragged on the ground across the sand I've been stripped of all my gear. I have no clue if these people are friend or foe. I come too in a tin walled room. Later realizing we were below ground. A gal comes in saying
" Good, Good " while giving me a shot she had been preparing.

Which is the point of my swerving to a different lane here & I'm fairly stoned. Someone told me what it was I have since forgot.
I had never experienced any thing like the relaxing calming effect I felt. However I can only imagine whatever it was is highly addictive & I've no desire to mess about with it if I could.

Anyways the Gorilla Glue brought back what was a pleasant memory of a very bad situation that turned out OK in the end.

Cant remember any strain having the level of both body & mind high Gorilla Glue does. I have a place for it now. I also can clearly see why so many others have a use for it. I apologize to Carol King for knocking this fav of hers while not completely understanding it. This being in a prior thread.

Gotta stop I'll freaking write a novel.
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