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Happy Christmas merry new year


Dogs like me
My toast to torchered language.

Hope everyone had a great year, and here's to 18.

My year went well, I was able to gift 5 dynavap M's and an enano. I built another pole barn, (number 2) and I expanded our veggie garden. We now have 730 sq ft of organic raised beds. Plus whatever trees and flowers we planted.
And now were looking forward to what 18 brings.
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How nice @Shredder... :biggrin:

Your garden sounds really nice. Would love to see some pics of it (if you'd like) in our garden thread when it's up and running this spring. Your description made me think of my grandmother's garden. She came over in 1920 and bought a double lot down by the Rouge plant. Grew everything she possibly could; flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, grapes.... it was pretty incredible. A weed didn't dare grow in her garden. :lol:

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. I'm also looking forward to what 18 brings. It should be interesting if nothing else. :biggrin:

We live "up north" in a glacial moraine hilly area with about 6 inches of top soil over gravel. Even though we did grow vegetables here, the raised beds do so much better. And they're easier to care for as I'm rapidly approaching geezerdom. In march I'm getting a new hip, as an example.

I grew up in the Saginaw Valley area where everything grew well, nice clay loam, but my last two stops have been sand and gravel, lol.
Hips are a piece of cake. I've had both of mine replaced. :wink: You'll be good to go come Spring. You'll have a week or so of discomfort but then it's pretty smooth sailing. Just do the therapy exercises that they teach you at the hospital at home and make sure you follow all the precautions.
Happy holidays and a wishes for all that the new year brings nothing but healthy and joy. :angel2::weed::headbang::beer-toast1:
I got Christmas day chillin with my Dogs.

I saw this cute picture with a cat selfie. I wish they were mine. Merry Christmas to everyone.

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