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Vape Healthy Rips Rogue

I wish the rogue did the following instead of making a vape that will end up as landfill when the battery fades,

See, an 18650 battery can be used safely and you could sell the spares this way (it does not even have to be 18650).
Oh Wow ! missed this thread and even just contacted someone here about that LOl
these are great vapes , and a great company behind them..... I've been using these exclusively the last few years starting with Fury2 and then Fury Edge ... I was thinking of trying one of the newer rogue vapes but have 2 brand new Edge vapes put away LOL !

Also, full warranty for defective devices replace within one year no charge and then half price for any units they have available after one year is up

Apperently my post button has gone Haywire !
None of those US retailers have the Rogue. I’ve asked Pete and Randy and they don’t know when they’ll receive it.
Well.... the retailers might not have them... but Healthy Rips does...

Well.... the retailers might not have them... but Healthy Rips does...

thanks for the link , was going to post one for the site that sells this one ... gotta keep the good companies alive and prosperous and all that . Shout out !
Holy Hell ! my post button is to the max ... gotta love multiple posts
I like the look of the new rogue
Love my edge
Gave the fury 2 away but was a good vape

The rogue with a bigger battery is nice

Saw these while perusing the web's
Looks familiar....

And this
The visible airpath is a good feature though


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