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Help Homeless Animals

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Hi, those of you that know me from here and another board, know that one of the things I do is help one of the local animal rescue groups in my city. I work with this group because they take older animals out of the shelter.

Older animals are harder to find homes for, it's easy to get kittens and puppies new homes . Older animals take more work and that usually involves more $ spent on them to get them in good health and they spend a lot more time in foster homes before we find the right people for them. We always put the animals we pull from the shelter in homes, never in boarding (like some groups ). We pay for all medical care, neutering, dentals, training if needed, so that the animal has a real fresh start and the new parents get a healthy pet, or know if the dog or cat has some medical problems that might incur some extra $ throughout their lives.

This takes $ and time. We do get reduced prices for neutering & vaccinations, but we pay for almost everything else.

Bartleby is one of the animals we pulled from the shelter this year. He was a mess and after a good shave and a bath we saw that his eyes were in bad shape. So we took him to one of the top Opthamologists in the city and found out he was totally blind -Bart doesn't care, he gets around just fine and we found the perfect new mom for him. Her best friend works at a school for the blind and Bart visits the kids regularly.



YES, that is the same dog before and after!!!

Not all our animals are in this shape, ut we have paid for knee surgeries, and amputation and an MRI this year. That takes $

Rescuzilla is a 501C registered charity . NO ONE gets paid for doing this.

Out Co-President, works with the ASPCA and is on her way to Florida now to help bring back animals that will be impacted by Irma!! She works at the rehabilitation center . Muenster was another dog we found a home for this year.


This is where the $ you donate goes, directly to the animals and that's why I'm walking again in this years Strut Your Mutt. Our small rescue needs $ to help homeless animals. If you donate , you just might be rewarded or your kindness .

If you'd like to help me click on this link-all info is there and THANK YOU!!!

I'm very familiar with the cause that @VaporsVaporizer is involved with and encouraged her to post her walk up again this year.

Folks... if you have a spare couple of dollars this is a really worthy cause; especially with the animals affected by the hurricanes. There will be a ton of animals needing help. The work that this shelter provides is invaluable; as you can see from the success stories mentioned above.

To get this started I've made a donation today:


Come on ..... let's help Vapors exceed her goal!!!
Just got back from the big adoption event we have several times a year in NYC, this is NOT the walk , but we got the bonded sister kittens adopted into the same home!! We vetted the couple(check work, talk to landlord , references etc) and did a home visit and kittens are happy. New parents went VIP shopping at Petco! Petco is a sponsor of the event as is the Mayors Alliance and Petco will send a personnel shopper with new pet parents to help them find everything they need and at a huge discount!!

We don't normally have kittens -except when kitten season happens and the shelter asks us to take some. All our other adoptables are in Trial homes, fingers crossed and now we can go get more animals out of the shelter. We need open foster homes for them and $ lol

Not open for further replies.

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