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herbalAire Ltd..

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Hi Vapor Asylum members!! For those of you in the know about our vaporizer systems we would love for you to post your most elaborate setups and rigs involving the herbalAire Vaporizer here in this thread. To those whom have never heard of us we are:

The Most Efficient
The Most Powerful
The Most Versatile
The Most Durable
Easiest to Clean

Vaporizer In The World - By Far..

Each one of our systems comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. The herbalAire is a vaporizing system designed for use with whole flower, essential oils, concentrates and other substrates. Our design works off the principle of air obstruction so grinding the material before hand is not necessary. Grinding the material before hand ( like many other vaporizer manufacturer's suggest) just degrades your flower by disturbing the trichomes and resin glands of the material before you even get to vaporize it, which we feel isn't very efficient. Below are a few video's to provide additional information. As well we will try our best to answer any comments put in this section, please be patient as we will be checking the thread weekly.

And here's a couple of old one's from the Treating Yourself Expo 2013 in Toronto

herbalAire Ltd..
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Love my HerbalAire Elite!
Decided to break her out in honor of having the 2nd post!
It's not 1st or 3rd, just comfortable! LOL!

First video is at 184 Celsius using a PV GonG and a small basket to hold the herb.
Great flavor, awesome low temp vapor!

This video is at 200 Celsius using the same setup as above.
I find a good 15 second heat soak at this temp is usually good!
The flavor is very pure and intense for the first two hits and then mellows out, never turning to that popcorn taste.

I also own the 2.2 version and use both. One model has been with me for at least 4 years now and still works every day!
These vapes are pretty indestructible!
@lazylathe that's an awesome setup, we find that allowing the herb to "heat soak" for 30 - 40 seconds yields the most potent result. However with concentrates and our new kit I find 15 - 20 seconds ideal.

@HellsWindStaff quite an elaborate setup we love to see people chaining rigs together like that, sad to hear your buddy gave up his H2.2

Ps. We will also be having a 4/20 sale this year on our website. Use the promo code "AIRE" to receive 25% OFF the entire store, beginning Friday April 14th - April 23rd!
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I love the Herbalaire also.
Sturdy enough to have been a community loaner vape for 6 years... and lived through 5 temporary homes with patients.
When I have it at home, I use it as one would sip from a bottle, right from the top.
I have never used the accompanying air pump, but I do show it to each new patient that has had to borrow the unit how to do it.
The bags have always been returned unused.
I love the loading system.
My new H3 Lite arrived today. It's beautiful...so pristine! :love: Not that my H2.2 is dirty...but it will be 3 years old by the end of this month and has been my only vape since then. It might seem silly, but will probably wait awhile before using the newness off this H3. Got a great deal on the unit and accessories with herbalAire's "SUMMER17" promo code and finally have a back-up that I KNOW I'll enjoy at least as much as the H2.2. Apparently I'm a creature of habit. :lol:

Sorry about being off-topic because there are no pictures of my elaborate set up to post. I'm strictly a direct draw user with the standard mouthpiece. Even without attaching the tubing to the unit, airflow through it is too restrictive. One missing lung lobe makes more difference than I'd have thought.
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