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Vape Herbalizer


Here are a number of Herbalizer Videos.

This is a wonderful vaporizer whose company had political/financial issues in house, and they have closed down.
I spoke with over a dozen people today to verify the legitimacy of the person who owns https://herbalizerrepair.com/
All that have known or worked with him, including the shareholders that sold him all of the last remaining units, equipment, and parts speak highly of him.
Anyone needing service pr parts will be treated fairly here.

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Using mine now, it has been a long time. Constantly have to switch screens from top to bottom to keep all clean but that is my only complaint.

Still the most precise temp control on the market.


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Hello fellow Herbie Heads! new member to VA with a hot tip for balloon bags used with the Herbie. As Herbie owners know parts/accessories for Herbie are rare and getting rarer eveyday, especially bags. I had a bag I've been using since 02/10/19, ya its turned a brownish yellow color, blew a seam the other night. Oh crap gotta bust out a new balloon. I have a plastic bag sealer and thought it could work repairing the balloon! sure enough it worked like a champ! Now you do lose some capacity in the bag depending on where you make the new seam. But for a minute or two of your time, you save $ and extend the life of the bag. What I wonder now is if one of those small, battery operated sealers would work as well?
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Herbies are getting rare, this site is different,
Refurbed units for sale, you can even rent them!


Vaping since 2013, consuming since 1976
Interesting, I will check em out! There is one really cherry looking unit on e-bay right now for $699.00 ouch! Glad I bought a bunch of parts and bags last year. I should be good to go for years.
I knew this would happen, units are getting so scarce they are appreciating in price now!

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