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Lunacy How high are you right now? 0-10

-10. i haven't vaped in weeks and it fucking blows!!!!

I know:

It's been a busy day, just getting started in here. :cheers:
Why I'm high as a Georgia Pine. :dancing:

I could hunt ducks with a rake! :hungry:
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It's Saturday moring, I dont normally vape till about 7pm...
I'm switching the evo on...

Gonna be 8/9 very soon..
I have executive function disorder, so I can't scale 1-10. I'm a pretty fixated cut & dry pessimist type, so the answer for me to this question is: YES :biggrin:
At an all time low of ZERO...
Trying to cut down use during the day to quickly reduce my tolerance.

Being sober when on vacation at home is tough...lmao!!

And this is why vape forums keep breaking my short T-Breaks!!!


About to lift off with some Sour Diesel!!!


About a good 7!
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Nice graphic, @seagull900 :thumbsup:

My wake 'n baked self is about a 4 right now, maybe falling to a 3 after my initial bowl and a cup of joe. It's easy to get there in the morning because of the residual thc from the night before. The hippie speedball's starting to kick in, so I need to re-up with another bowl to level out at a 5 or so. Haven't passed a 6 or 7 in quite a while... we're talking thc right? Because I still have some goodies in the medicine cabinet, but those only come out for pain or at night to help me sleep.

:science: Ahh... that's better.

:sunbathing: :juggle: :smug: :treadmill::dancing::torching:
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