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Lunacy I Need Wood


Wanna see some wood?
"would I..... Would I?"
I mean wood eye... wood eye

Cherrywood Cloud table
Old School Aromazaps ... with matching stem holders.

I walk with the assistance of a Cane, due to my physical limitations.
I own a few dozen canes, of varying materials but prefer wood.

I own 20+ wooden canes, but the ten you see here are my daily drivers… these canes are made of the following woods, from left to right:
Crocus, Rattan, Chestnut (stained Kara Blue), Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Bamboo. Rosewood, Maple, Mahogany.

Hickory is by far my hardest and strongest cane:
Very solid Cane!
I share these canes on Ebay.
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Leaf Dawg
Motorized Wood.

I'm on my monthly wood cycle.... Did you hear about the crazy Old woman who tried to trade in her menstrual cycle for a motorcycle?

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