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Lunacy If You Could Name Your Own Weed?


20 going on 60

I've wanted to name one Bette Davis - cause after you vape it, you've got Bette Davis eyes. :ko:

Baby Jane might be a good one. Whatever happened to that one?

EveryDayAmnesiac has a certain ring to it as well ... :smug:
The grokit growkit is currently in the first round of funding, for a select few invitees; it will include:
  • Blast Off Rocket Weed (great for wake n' vape):verdamper:
  • Super Stinky Fruity Delicious Flowers (hybrid for daytime) :sunbathing:
  • Crystal Catatonic Knockout Nuggets (goodnightytime) :sleeping:
These strains have been objectively proven with empirical data and double-blind testing to be the best in this or any other galaxy for their respective purposes. They are the fruits of a lifetime of daydreaming, and are the intellectual property of our superspaced-out shareholders. These strains will be tightly, and genetically, controlled for the sole purpose of extracting maximum royalties so we can build a brand new spaceship for journeys to destinations unknown.

The first batch is on us, then based on a sliding scale we will happily accept your immortal soul for refills :smilie-devil:

Special Announcement:

We are pleased to offer our (optional) 'carbon-friendly' nuclear isotope-powered modules for off-grid use (no guarantees implied or declared; notarized release of liability required). There are still some alpha-tester slots open :thumbsup:

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I'm drawn to this strain, and I don't know why? :thinker:

DDave Strain?

  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: Afghani OG Kush x Casey Jones
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Medical Uses: Inflammation, pain relief, nausea, depression, anxiety

These buds are very tight, dense and round. They also tend to shimmer with an immense layer of trichomes, when grown correctly. This strain is quickly becoming a favorite in dispensaries across the United States. Eighths of this strain go for around $55 in California. Hey Dave is a stinky strain, so make sure to jar it up tight, if discretion is desired.

In 9 to 10 weeks of flowering Hey Dave will have produced glorious buds that seem to light up like a disco ball under natural or indoor lighting. These buds are very dense and not very large. Hydroponic growing seems to work incredibly well with Hey Dave and it also seems to respond incredibly well to supercropping. Look for this strain in clone or seed form on your next trip to the club. It's going to be well worth your while to add it to your garden.


So yeah, I'd vape it!
I crossed a white widow with original amnesia before...

I called it bumrape, just to be funny...
Bumrape was surprisingly nice...
I actually did recently....a friend got me some good N Cali grown herb but couldn't remember the cross (cause we are old, brain dead, and stoned)...Sour X something. So....Sour Mystery.

When in a state without dispensaries, all weed is a mystery. LOL
-Holy shit this one actually doesn't suck (this ones a pretty rare strain)

-I can't believe its not Oregano

LOL I get these two from time to time also. LOL Very funny.

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