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Recipe Infused Chocolate Mints


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Mint is one of the flavors that really masks the taste of cannabis..... These look divine!



1 cup powdered sugar

3 Tbls cannabis butter softened at room temp

1 tsp mint extract

1 tsp water

12 oz almond bark

3/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

1 Mix together the sugar, butter, mint extract and water

2 Ingredients should form a nice doughy ball

3 Set aside on wax paper

4 Heat almond bark in double boiler

5 Add the chocolate morsels and stir until mixed well and melted

6 Roll the dough into a long round cylinder

7 Using dental floss or similar, cut small rounds from the cylinder

8 Dip each round in the melted chocolate (I use a fork)

9 Place candy on cookie sheet lined with wax paper

10 When all pieces are coated, place cookie sheet in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes

11 Remove and place candy in your favorite kid proof candy box!
@momofthegoons How many Candies does this yield? and what is the THC amount per candy?
These look awesome!
The amount of candies you make depends on how big you make them. But considering you only have about 1 cup of 'dough' to roll into a cylinder this recipe doesn't make a ton of candies. :smile:

As to the amount of THC.... it would also depend on the strength of your infused butter and whether or not you add additional concentrates to the recipe. Imo, 3 T. of infused butter isn't going to get anyone very high and I would want to add in some decarbed rosin or shatter (at least a gram) to boost up the strength. There are a couple of links on how to calculate the amounts of THC in each dose in this thread.
I love cannabis, I love mint and I love chocolate. Sugar not so much but I can get around that with an alternative like Stevie or monkfruit.

Peppermint patties were one of my most favorite treats as a kid. That doesn't mean much though, because I loved candy period, but peppermint patties were near the top of the list.

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