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Vape JCVap Poby


Vapor Accessory Addict
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Something new from JCVap....... The Poby; Smart Dab Rig. They are available for preorder at $103.20 with free shipping. Available on Dec. 18th.

Key Features:

1.Glazed Ceramic Heater for True 3D Heating:
Heat isn’t just distributed from the bottom; it envelops you from all sides, ensuring a smooth and flavorful draw. Plus, the ceramic heater is easily replaceable, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.

2.Versatile Compatibility: Poby is not just a vaporizer; it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. It seamlessly connects to a variety of Rig Bubbles through a 14mm adapter, making it the perfect companion for all your sessions. Plus, it’s compatible with all Proxy glass, ensuring you can enjoy your Poby however you like.

3.Customizable Temperature Settings: Take control of your vaping experience with Poby’s four adjustable temperature settings. Different temperatures mean different flavors, and Poby shows you the way. Whether you prefer a gentle, aromatic vape or a robust hit, Poby has you covered.

4.Adjustable Heating Time: Time is of the essence, and Poby understands that. Choose from 35s, 45s, or 60s heating times to suit your schedule and preferences. Get to the perfect temperature in seconds and enjoy your concentrates without waiting around.

5.Safety and Convenience: Poby’s large glass cover ensures you can handle it without fear of burning your fingers. And when it’s time for cleanup, it’s a breeze! Keep your Poby in pristine condition effortlessly.


Color me interested......

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