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Accessories JyARz - Ecofriendly ultrahigh quality glass lined containers


New Member
I'm pleased to join this forum thank you MOTG. Please take a look at JyARz.com if you have need for some very high quality portable glass-lined containers. And if you have any questions please post them here. Thanks. -Aldo
I still have the classic Jyar that I purchased when they first became available, and I also have a Satchmo and Chico that I picked up during a BOGO event. Great little storage containers. Would recommend them to just about anyone!

Would still love an ultra-mini Jyar and one just a bit bigger than the Satchmo!

I love all my JyARz! Fantastic product, glad to see you here @JyARz
Love my JyARz.



And @JyARz ..... I would still love for you to release a larger size.... :biggrin:
And @JyARz ..... I would still love for you to release a larger size.... :biggrin:
You've clearly the need. Yes.

More containers. Maybe the new " JyARz 1000000ML dRuM" that is fake-rumored to be coming out.

You *would* have room for a rocking big piece of artwork. Might need to hire an old 70s van artist for that size though...

I actually have more.... didn't want to look obsessive.

I am sure everything is fine...



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