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Meds Kratom

Wondering if any of you might have experience using Kratom for pain relief, and if so, would you please share some of what you've learned?

I recently tried Kratom for pain and anxiety. I did quite a bit of learning before I made the choice. I only tried it for a few days, so I still aim to give it some more experimentation, but here is what happened in my first experience.

I started with a very low dose and took the powder as a tea, consuming it unfiltered. It was only somewhat effective for the pain, but provided a great deal of relief for anxiety. After the third day of taking it, I stopped and the next day I had a negative gallbladder reaction - upper right abdomen tightening pain that seemed to pulse. It was quite uncomfortable and lasted for a number of hours. I took some turmeric because it helps the gallbladder produce bile and that seemed to help reduce the pain until it finally resolved. I got some feedback about this experience from other users, I am not the only one to have had this reaction. It was recommended that I make the tea and filter it through a coffee filter - the system has a hard time processing the plant material taken without filtering. I have not yet tried it again, but would like to give it another shot at some point.

I have read a great deal of positive experiences with kratom, although I think it is not meant for continuous use. I know it is hard to find something as effective as pharmaceuticals for pain. There are herbal and natural aid, depending on the type of pain one is experiencing. For example, if the source of the pain is inflammation, there is a number of herbal options that can help. I was really hoping for kratom to be the answer, but it's not all it's cracked up to be, imho and comes with a wide array of negative side effects at larger doses.

Overall, I would say it's worth a shot, but start low and slow and filter it, for sure. At this point in time I cannot recommend taking it as capsules based on my personal experience with the herb. Mind you the quality of kratom may have been a factor, but it is an unregulated substance, so it's hard to know where to find a quality herb that is sure to be uncontaminated and a good crop.

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