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Meds Lingering effects of edibles


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It's been said that edibles can have a side effect of feeling hung over the following day. There are some who claim to feel nothing, others get completely trashed. I manage to have psychadelic experiences almost every time I eat edibles. The onset takes about an hour to really feel it, then the effects can last upwards of 6 hours. The most intense part of the experience seems to be hours 2-4. The next day fog is for sure real.

I honestly don't understand how anyone couldn't feel the effects of properly made edibles. They are quite different yet have some similarities to vaporized meds.

What is your experience with edibles?
My experience has been hit & miss. Trying to find a repeatable and reliable method of dosing has been tricky. Started years ago with decarb'd cannacaps and then moved into coconut oil extractions and tinctures. I find that anything less than 100mg I don't really feel and 250mg is heading into "i'm pretty high" territory. Somewhere around 150mg is the sweet spot between feeling it and functionality. Making chocolates with decarb'd rosin has been awesome and I don't experience lingering effects.
I'm a teetotaller and am sensitive to all drugs including caffine. I've been this way my entire life. Being a small female may contribute to my sensitivity. Edibles generally don't agree with me. I have a hard time moderating dose and I seem to metabolize THC more slowly than most others.

Twice I've way overdone it. Once was in Jamaica when the hash brownie we bought from a bakery was strong enough that to this day I don't recall the events over about a 12 hour period. The second time was at a party. Weed brownies were handed out. I ate one. I remember realising that I was way to high for comfort and decided that I should go home, a half a mile away. I went outside and realised that I didn't think I could drive down the country road to my place next door. So I walked out to the road and realised that I didn't think that I could walk home either. Somehow I ended up at home in my bed, the details of which I don't remember.

The next day I woke up and although still stoned decided to go outside and pull some weeds in the garden. Not. I was tripping over my feet and couldn't balance myself or really function so I made it back to my bed and stayed there until the next day. At that point I was still groggy but had recovered quite a bit. All told I was too high for comfort for about 36 hours with grogginess over the day after that.

I think it all depends on how fast your digestive system operates. Mine seems to be very slow.
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I made a box of brownies with an oz of midgrade a few years ago that was really intense. A friend of mine ate one and walked to the club. He reported he didn't know when he started feeling high exactly, but by the time he got to the club he was high as hell and it just stayed with him for hours while he danced night away. He reported a strong lethargic hangover the next day.

I just passed out with that shit.
We take quite a few medibles. Lately I've used more because I've cut back on my vaping. Most of ours are cannacaps, made from concentrates, coconut oil and lecithin.

Currently in our fridge I have cannatonic (CBD) and some I labeled "day time" with 50/50 cannatonic and a higher thc variety rosin, and a gg labeled for gorilla glue, for a little more effect we have an unlabeled batch at 3 gr per one fluid oz of coconut oil, so about 100mg per cap, (of rosin not pure thc) and at night we take a similar strongish cap that has some abv oil we use for sleep. We have options, lol.

My favorite way is to take a moderately strong cap and touch that up with vaping as needed. But we have about any situation covered. From almost nothing to a little too much. It's really a nice way to medicate when for whatever reason you can't vape at will.

We don't really have a hangover from them, but I sometimes feel buzzed again after a morning coffee. But it doesn't last long. And just like with vaping you can build up a tolerance and have diminishing returns after continued use.

And it really does seem to be a personal thing as to effects. Just in my little circle the effects vary wildly.
I tend to use edibles and oils for medicating, saving vaping for evenings and such. Oils under tongue are my normal method, but last weekend that wasn't practical so I made a batch of cookies, and munched one every couple of hours.
I do have to admit that when I first transitioned to edibles for medicating I was pretty whacked. Microdosing a small amount every hour or two should get you over the 'I'm activating my bodies endo-cannabinoid system' series of accidental highs. Microdosing is a great way to get your tolerance built up.
My MCT oil is pretty strong. I had three droppers one night and it pretty much wiped me out for the next day. I took it because my bad hip was just burning with pain. I think I was actually still high after 10 hours. Definitely hung over after that. I’m not sure of the potency right now, I think I posted it on this forum somewhere. I hope it stays “good/consumable” for a while as I probably have 13oz of the stuff now. I made it in late June or early July, I think. I’ve read that if it’s in a dark, room temp place it’s good for a long time.
Edibles are hard for me to dose. I’m either not feeling the effects or I use too much. Sometimes I get it right. You can take too much and be wiped out for 24+ hours. There are so many variables as to how much food is in your stomach. Take it slow and easy - take notes as well. Do your testing of edibles when you aren’t going to take care of children or animals.
I have some oil I made from some vaped cannabis. The oil I usually put under my tongue or let it melt and swallow. I just rough judge, usually I'm pretty good at dosing.

I have had a couple of hangovers too. Every time I make new oil, I have to take it slow, when finding out how strong it will be. I usually do this first thing, after ( no oil )

coffee. I enjoy the longer whole body feeling of contentment. I don't vape real high temps so I still get plenty of goodness from my used weed.

I used cannabis all day, in coffee, and during the day with my Woodscents. About an hour before bed, I will dose with my oil. In the middle of the night, I use my Arizer

tower, with flower. Where I live flower is expensive, so I re-use, and microdose. I like medibles.
I used cannabis all day, in coffee
Thats how I tend to medicate through the day. 'Is that cup welded to your hand?' Over the past few months I've switched to a hot turmeric-based beverage, with some added maple syrup and a good glug of cream, on top of a couple of gram equivalents of infused mct oil...

It's hard to judge edibles, in part based on amount of time they spend in mouth. Hard candies will work kind-of like subligual application, with ~15 minute uptake time, whereas a cake or something that gets into stomach quicker will metabolize slower and differently, if that makes any sense?

I can get a handle on the edibles I make. As an example, on a whim I made peanut brittle earlier today. The recipe got about 3/4 cup of cannabutter that I forgot to label, outside of red felt marker scribbles saying 'MEDICAV BBMN<NJK', with the felt marker splooged at the end of it...

I tend to use 1 oz bud to 1 cup butter and oil. If a person had a 10 gram per day prescription then 1/3rd of a cup would be roughly equivalent to a days worth of meds, or about 1/3 of todays peanut brittle experiment, which might work better with tincture now that I think about it...
@Killick We were up in Tampa and I bought some beautiful turmeric, I put in darn near everything that I could, but, I also planted some. They are really nice looking plants, and I hope they will grow for enough time to harvest some of the roots. ( Not positive on the proper name.)

I'm less than a fan of hard candies, I don't like the "feel" on my mouth. Weirdo, I know. But, they sure seem ideal, I must say. I burned myself deeply one time with a flan ( I think ) caramel, and I find I'm hesitant to attempt that with molten candy lava. Using the oil keeps me from eating 6 brownies, which is a possibility with baked treats. You know, one more won't hurt.
@Whisper I do understand, having had a few awkward experiences while trying to make hard candies. When the recipe says that it might foam a little bit, this could mean 'foams a lot, then starts on fire' would have been a more accurate description. I don't make them now as they are mostly sugar, and I can get the same effect from sublingual oils, or just a medicated turmeric drink.

I want to try growing turmeric myself. I tried sweet potatos a couple of years ago and while there were lots of vines there were no tubers, so it was more an exercise in garden meditation than anything else. Meditation is good, so maybe turmeric will be this years test crop :)
Edibles jack me up. I turn green in the face and get the spins like I'm 12 yes old.
And that's being a pot head with a hefty tolerance. I wish I got pshycadelic effects. Instead I get heavily intoxicating affects like I've drank way too much and end up vomiting

Wild how it affects everyone so differently.

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