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Tips Master Wus Green Dragon Tincture Novice


New Member
... I've been soaking my bud in a small jar of EC for 2 months. I recently learned about the importance of decarbing before hand unfortunately, it was after the fact. Hence... I didn't decarb. Is there anyway to save what I have? Can I decarb more & add to it? Or do I have to start over? THANK you ALL ahead of time for taking the time to reply & having patience with a newbie like me.
Do a slightly different method
I freeze the cannabis and alcohol, then perform an extraction and filter
My baby has been gestating for 3 months of a 4 month natural decarb, wake the baby for a pic
Kept locked in a safe @ 14c-18c (57f-65f), no heat has ever been applied
I will reduce by opening the jar, covering the top with my stainless steel coffee filter and using a small fan to aid evaporation
It will have full extract taste, but when all my injuries decide to flare up at the same time, taste does not matter

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