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Lunacy MI Cannabis Safari suggestions...

Basement Farmer

Well-Known Member
Possibly headed the breadth of the state and am willing to drive as far south as Ann Arbor for service.

I was directed last time by some bud tenders in Ypsi (nearest to the hospital)....they were cool answering 3 questions they get a million times a day(are you recreational, No?, who is?)....but Google did say that they were Rec. They made it sound kind of like it might be ifffy.

Next closest place was Skymint...I was vaguely aware of it being criticized for being big Corp canna...anyway I was in a hurry and it would do. Quick download of their app. hand the bud tender my DL and $. After sorting out my order (I fucked it up) I was on my way.

Couple days later tried Exclusive Ann Arbor....arrived to a line of 75 vehicles and outdoor tents to accommodate all the security.

Their prices were marginally better, but not worth the head ache of that clusterfuck. Out of shear curiosity decided to check out the next closest place.....which happened to be Skymint...maybe I just got lucky last time and it would be a clusterfuck as well. Arrived to an empty parking lot. The liquor store next door was hopping, but the bud mart had one,.two maybe three customers at a time. Order went smoothly. Bud tenders were prompt, super polite and helpful again.

On my way out I passed HiPointe. Their lot situation looks pretty mellow and they had a decent product line up ...unfortunately my mistep at Exclusive set me back and I had to hurry home and babysit my old man, so didn't have the time.

A few days later I was astounded by the number of places just off I75....maybe those trips home won't be so bad anymore now that I have some therapy shopping availble .

I got the Fire Station in Negaunee...there was a maybe 20 minute wait for fullfillment. No biggie. It was a positive experience as well.

So, suggestions?

I think I'm going to concentrate on concentrates next time. I'm more of a value guy....and a convenience guy. This is my first.foray into industrial weed and was pleasantly blown away by the quality and price. I now feel bad about the bunk that I've been growing in my basement. So my standards are still pretty modest.

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