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Glass MistVape Dynavap Beaded Stems


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There were some comments on glass beads and here are my thoughts. The beads are great at cooling. If you are adding beads and using a mechanical device to hold them in (like a mouthpiece or a screen) then soda lime glass beads are fine. If the stem needs to be annealed then you need borosilicate glass. For the dynavap stems I use 4 mm glass beads, for the Imp stems I use 6 mm beads.
Check out Avogadro's lab supply for both types of beads https://www.avogadro-lab-supply.com/
We have beaded stems in stock ready to go http://mistvaporizer.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9&products_id=106


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@MistVape sent me one of his 75 mm stems recently; along with one that he had made that didn't 'make the grade' for him and wont be sold. I do hope he considers using the blue glass in future stems as I quite like it. Pictured below... the 50mm is in the center with the DV tip. The 75 mm is on the right and the 'one off' blue stem is on the left. You can see the difference in glass stem length. My favorite is the 75 mm for usage but man oh man do I love that blue glass....


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PuffItUp Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC