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Vape MONARX Versa Go


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This looks like a little beast
It is made by the same guy (Randall) who made the Focus V Carta before dabnation took the design

This looks like a mini handsized Carta with improvement like a 15mm sic dish standard
It uses a similar coil/plate system as the Carta but a bigger dish/plate
It has a much smaller footprint and tiny airpath compared to the Carta

I have eyed it for a while but got vassed and suckered with a discount code
Usually it sells for $199usd
With $30usd post that's about $350aud delivered

With a discount code I got it delivered with two spare heat plates/coils for $226 AUD ($156 USD)

Currently the code DISCORD40 works for 40% off your entire order

It is a pre-order - people have been waiting since December for the release
The company is stating that units should be posted end of July/beginning of August and then the price may go up

It looks like a beast of a portable dab unit that is actually somewhat pocketable with a full sized sic dish
On paper it sounds like an absolute beast

Will report back once I have a unit in hand to try

So I've been quiet in here for ages
But at risk of the good little consumers attacking me, my credibility, my "personality", my mental health or whatever other coded description gets thrown about again, I have decided to share my experience so others do not get ripped off and know before supporting dodgy businesses

Just like the qaroma shop discord this company discord is full of gaslighting and abuse if customers
Good luck finding it as they delete comments, reactions etc in real time and also spam the threads with memes to make it hard for new customers to see the dialogue before getting sucked in

Besides the people already reading this and pre judging my involvement - I again have multiple screenshots of their behaviour and I have not once been argumentative on that discord because if you do you get ganged up on and abused and threatened to be kicked out or have forced refunds put on you

Lots of real customers on there ask a simple question about shipping or their order and get abused or gas lit

The company as in my original post advertised a sic dish as standard for at least 3 months (maybe six)
The other week they tried to tell everyone that was a one off one week sale and we only got ceramic

I took a screenshot of their website at the time of this discussion and showed them it was still saying so
They still argued and attacked any customer coming on and saying they remember sic as standard and that is why we bought in

Everyone was gaslit and abused, I was threatened with a forced refund and told I was upsetting customers (again I was civil af because if you say one wrong thing you are blocked)
I showed screenshots and another customer showed their email that was sent as an ad with sic in it
Then they said that was an "ad on"
But in my proof and the other person email it was in a list of things that come in the box like a charging cable etc

They STILL tried to gas light and tell us we were wrong - they tried to satisfy me by making me swap a prize I win from them for a sic
I did at first to end the arguments as I had a hit knife but I backed the other customers that came in asking

Eventually they admitted the issue and said they would honour 3months of orders with a sic but not everyone else

Then I asked if I get to keep my prize if we all get the sic that was advertised anyway
That was another huge discussion but I got it

Then they argued that I didn't get a hot knife too and I had to make them find a video proving when I won
The person watched the video 4 times and continued to argue that it didn't say I won my prize
I told them 5 times to watch the last 30 seconds where it said it
I had to screen record the proof they sent me saying I didn't win and show them I did win
Every single thing with this company - for every single real customer is like pulling teeth to get anything addressed
That's if you didn't give up from being abused and gaslit

Absolutely disgusting behaviour from a company
They have also every couple of weeks pushed back the release date because of "dealys"
They keep blaming china and covid yet I've bought fugloads from China during the time

Another customer asked for a refund and was ignored for a week
Then they brought it up again and had to open a support ticket
It took two more weeks till they honoured the refund and multiple messages on the discord

The other day Randall posts - on his public discord to the customers - that he is having issues and is going to focus on other projects if anyone wants to join him as a "partner" and own a chunk of monarx/source or whatever he is running under atm
Sounds real good hey, any investors here ? Lol

Also, last year monarx was born to be the rebrand of source vapes and from the og Carta
Then a few months ago he relaunched source vapes and swapped the website and everyone's orders from monarx to source

So many dodgy biz happening over there
But it does seem how many businesses run discord - the one difference here between qshop and monarx is qshop has a great product at the end of the abuse and dodgy marketing and they have the product ready to buy other than us paying and waiting for months while Randall runs his business into the ground

Also been rumoured (these are Multi forum rumours so may hold no weight at all here) that he has been run out of Vegas for dodgy business practices by lawful departments and disgruntled investors
Plus another disgusting rumour that I won't repeat here as without evidence it should not be spread in public

I stuck it out for ages and wasn't overly worried about the wait and delays
But the absolute disgusting behaviour, abuse of multiple people and dodgy business practices has me jumping ship finally too
The fact he is trying to ask for investors through his discord customer thread is both hilarious and the biggest red flag you can get

I've asked for a refund and have been waiting tlfor two days for a reply
Just like the other customer it will most likely take me weeks in time and multiple messages to actually get it out through

There's people waiting for things to be shipped that are in stock on the website too
Shit company
Shit way the vape works does business, treats customers and does cloak and dagger type tactics

Discord is not the place to get information or buy vapes

Avoid monarx, sourcevapes, Randall and whatever new name he starts the next company under
It's old coil plate tech from the Carta anyway and dodgy people

The mods over there are dodgy and delete comments from customers asking questions or showing the companies mistakes
They delete reactions as likes etc on posts
As an example one customer who was saying he has been waiting for his refund for weeks I put a shocked emoji
They deleted it - I put it back on - they deleted it - this happened 5 times till they gave up trying to censor my reaction to a comment


Avoid this and every other iteration of a company to do with Randall

Or don't - question my credibility etc and go and get ripped the fug off supporting some very dodgy ppl

Of all the bad companies in this scene this has to take the cake
The discord is a fake land of pretend customers - same as qshop - you can even more easily see the real customers on this one from the fake regulars as the biz is so bad

They also argued with me when I first got there and they were advertising a new pen
I asked if it was refillable for rosin or feco
They had a big abusive tirade at me saying you can't vape feco
One mod thanked me at first for showing you could and then deleted their comment after
They shared a link that said you could vape feco if the dispensery said so
But they didn't like me pointing out their own article said what I was saying

I showed a medical veteran website that explained about feco and I got banned for an hour for being abusive even though I was polite and got abused

They then deleted all the comments including the veteran medical post so they look correct

So not only are they dodgy business people
They are selling vaping and weed gear and have no idea what weed and consumables are out there

Also at the start I had asked if the material surrounding the bubbler and atty was peek or silicone
I was abused, laughed at for suggesting silicone etc and told off for checking the safety of materiel

A week later Randal came in and showed pics of the airpath and part I spoke of and it was silicone

I mentioned the abuse and ridicule I copped (and others who also enquired) and that the mods font know materials that vapes are made of and they should not abuse ppl

All the comments from me and others were deleted

I could go on but ppl already make their pre judgements
That blind faith and excuses for shit practices is what allows ppl like this company and others to get away with it

This post is just a warning to any person who might consider this vape or company dueto my original post

Stay away or know that you are going in supporting utter scum buckets and you will wait a year before your products ship - even if they are in stock on the website
And you'll be stuck with a dodgy company to get replacements for the heatplates tech they still use and you will wait for months to get parts etc etc
Last edited:
Plus another disgusting rumour that I won't repeat here as without evidence it should not be spread in public

I really wanna know though....
I got an email reply today
They said they will process the refund but it may take a while
I will wait a couple days and check before contacting them again

I emailed for my refund, I didn't use the discord like most do
I went to check the discord today and I've been blocked from their server lol

They obviously don't want me sharing my experience trying to get a refund
Dodgy arse bastards

There's so much I left out and some I forgot to add, unbelievable company with multiple unhappy customers

Here on the site they have a review of the versa go by a fake "customer"
It says they are happy with the go - it hasn't been bloody released yet (like qshop reviews lol)
And the guy leaving the review is "dr gigglez" this is one of the main fake customers on the discord - that often mentions they are a real person even though no one has publicly questioned them lol

I better get my refund as I can't go and confirm with them in the discord now like others have had to
Avoid this lot at all costs - or don't whatever lol

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