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Community Not Basement Farmer?

Basement Farmer

Well-Known Member
So, I'm down to the last few buds of my home grown......which makes me sad...

It was fun and I learned a lot, but for a variety of very practical reasons,I don't foresee me growing in the near future. So "Basement Farmer" seems a bit misleading as a username.

What is the community view on this? Is it weird, like changing your name from Peg to Chantel or something....or is it cool?
It’s cool. :chill:
May I suggest Muffdiver420

Man, I wish. A UN should reflect upon the user as a person and I gotta say it's been a dry spell my friend. So it'd be just another fraudulent use of a name.

Well I like you as @Basement Farmer even if from now on you will be viewed as a utter fraud with a misleading name :cheers:

Yeah, I was kind of proud of snagging it. I can't be the only basement farmer.

All good,
Maybe go with Spanky, or Goldie like u doggo

That's Doug. My furry autistic animal child.

Been spirit-questing. It will come to me

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