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Tips Not that you want to combust - but when you do

It's a B for me. I forcefully exhale any trace of smoke in my mouth as soon as I realise what I've done. Spit that smoke out and away from me. Blah!!!

Grab a clean Vapcap and put the sullied one aside for cleaning.

Then I try again, attempting to be a bit more aware of what I'm doing. :smug:
Before I got an IH I used to accidentally combust with my VapCap occasionally...a definite 'B' for me...YUK:puke:
B) Stop immediately, let the bowl cool down and remove the mess.

C) Something else
B and C....? Always such a nasty surprise. I exhale quickly then clean any and all equipment used. It's a real bummer if I'm using the SSV. I always feel the silicone tubing has been tainted afterwards.... And the same can be said for my DV or WS stems. Yuck. They all need a thorough cleaning afterwards.

I've been known to throw away screens after combusting as well. Not the Ti screens... but any others hit the trash. God... I'm turning into such a vapor snob :lol:

Weirdly for someone who was never a fan of smoking I usually go for it
Maybe it'sthe throwback experience?. But am aware that it probably makes a bigger mess when I draw smoke through whatever device I happen to be using.

Sometimes it's not so bad. Never truly as bad as smoking. But If there is any white ash, it's bad.
Gotta be B for me, i hate it, for a start it just wont get me high now.. and i go brush my teeth immediately, cant stand the taste...
Then the ballache of cleaning whichever vape i jus contaminated.. and this can mean much cleaning.. one of the worst things that can happen imo, id rather spill my weed or something, anything to avoid cleaning vapes...
I cough,quit, clean. It's not me, it's my lungs. I've tried talking to them about the aversion to smoke, but they just keep doing what they do, breathing and preferring clean vapor and air to smoke. Good call. If I were in charge, I'd wander off and forget to breathe, so now I just let my lungs be in charge of breathing and I avoid smoke for them. Cough, quit, clean.

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