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Lunacy Notable Quotable


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ABC didn't write the research
Plenty more articles just not turning this into a what did Ned say thread

Objective bias...... I'll leave the heroising of a criminal who certain ppl in this country can identify with whilst many others to this very minute are demonised

This country has a pretty shit history and present for many things
Which is also often whitewashed and only half taught

Love selective integrity on information

Oral history is only good for some peoples story it seems

But if twas in court (or speaking the true history of this country from a non colonialist pov) the responsibility lies on proving one did the crime not on the lack of evidence that they didn't do it....

Btw I'm not anti Ned nor pro the police
But ppl are selective in their own judgement on these topics

Anyway, bashing the ABC is on the fence about talking politics which is forbidden in this forum I thought
Ita.butrose runs it now anyway - she is not who everyone says ABC represent (which is not bias as alllll the other channels)

Certainly rather get my news from there than sky ....lol
Now there's a lack of objective bias is there ever was

Tis also a notable quotable thread so won't respond to this again so as not to derail the thread more so
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