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Vape Old Head Trading Company Hot Rod

Hey bro, it has happened, SB direct. So at 3 this morning I wasn’t going to let this one get away! :ko:

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@Saturdaynightfishfry what no 'unboxing' youtube video with reviews, shall i hit the subscribe button below??:rofl:
As one might delightfully forget stuff, I try not to.

When I first fired up the HR, I jumped the suggested starting point #3 to 5 (6 is max). Excellent choice. That’s the numbing number, and I would not count on any reliable abv afterwards unless its a subconscious thing. I immediately got the Troy cloud on the second draw. Totally impressed with my new hi-flying ass-kicking Hot Rod abating any further desire for the SSV43.

Please know the delay is a direct result of my home environment.

After the first evening of HR, I needed to relocate to new quarters (a former president‘s quote). It was that big fat cloud and what came along with it that has caused the shift, and worth the experience! The Hot Rod gives a little more fuming than the WoodScents/DV’s but offers the evening punch I so desire. “Caps off” to the Old Head Sticky Brick Hot Rod.

New Vape Station

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