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Misc. Online Retailers


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My oh my, how things have changed! I've been off screwing around with combustion, but I'm back.
MigVapor and PuffItUp were two of my favorite online retailers. PIU is currently shutdown, and MigVapor now uses VaporFi for distribution which has god awful customer service!!!

I'm glad to see that DynaVap, Arizer, and VGoodiez are still around! Troy from 420VapeZone is still doing this thing despite the YouTube policy BS. That is very cool of him. Any other good online US based retailers that you would recommend? Has S&B support improved at all in the last couple years? I remember that after the Canopy buyout, they went to shit. I'm thinking of getting my first FlowerPot, maybe an extra Solo II, and extra vapcap induction heater...maybe a Mighty also.

Been out the game for a minute. Holy crap, there is a supreme v6? Last time I was round, they were on v3 and mayyyybe v4.

EDIT: also, maybe a little off-topic for this forum (I picked up the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes), but I highly recommend Wotofo vaporizer products for anyone else around that may be trying to kick the nicotine.

EDIT2: ooh, Ed's TNT is still around as well, awesome! Ed rocks. Still have the custom burl stem he made me, which was beautifully crafted. I need to drill a carb on this thing, though, I was an idiot to order a carbless one.
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Thanks everyone! Yes, I know, THE SPONSORS, I see them every time I come to this forum.
Mom, thank you for the helpful info on 420EDC customer service. I will likely be ordering from there soon!

No one commented on S&B, so I assume that they still don't know how to treat their customers. This is super critical; I don't care how good the Mighty is. If the company is shit, I ain't buying. My old Crafty is lost in the abyss, and I don't plan on getting a Plus.

I wish there were more suppliers for EVO baskets, I can't seem to find them anywhere I normally shop. Same situation as years ago, damnit! It's such a good vape, the best one I own. I was hoping the portable one would be out by now, but obviously that idea was scratched long ago.

I hear the Solo calling my name... Portable all-glass vapor path, oh yeah baby!
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I was out of the scene for a number of years. My biggest revelation upon return was the Dynavap system (which was in it's early v1 form when I dropped out)..

Anyway, most ofthe vendors I had dealt with are long gone in this frontier business.

This place, The Vape Store and a few others are gone.

A search for a 2nd Vapman led me to VGoodiez. The rest is history. My spending habits there are shameful.

FWIW, I try to stick to the sponsors of this forum and find that they usually have a very comprehensive selection. I must confess to making my more esoteric purchases elsewhere.

Everyone carries glass. I've found sme handy stuff on Etsy. This sliding door snuff box is perfecto


What happened with PUI?
What happened with PUI?
Not sure if you mean initially or what is happening with them now.

Initially, they closed down shop due to the PACT Act. Randy's hope, all along, was that he would be able to find a work around so that he could re-open. Apparently, he is in the process of doing just that. Not sure what the details are at this time. But he is posting on IG and elsewhere that this is going to happen soon. Not sure if this involves a name change... or a buy out... or what.

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