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Community Paying It Forward

Life here is very good indeed.
Good for my patience with the time it is taking to get my tools together.
That means the medicine is doing it's job!
I have been freely in touch with over 100 old patients. 30% have passed on. 30% are not active. The remaining are all needing help.
Many thought that Vaporization was over.
The patients with no internet connection. They had not heard from me, or had missed my one last attempt before
the Federal interruption.
I have meds together enough to last me for a bit.
I have never had an issue in which tools to use.
I currently have 2 vapes as I wait for a huge collection.
The Aura and The POTV "ONE".
The Aura is a functioning, but not flavor packed alternative, that I must coax richer clouds of vapor. I do get where I was planning, just with
not too much effort. Being alone with it for sessions sure has taught me more about the tool.
I always love the "ONE". Many of my portables (stored) are/were Fury2.
The basic is a good vape.
I like POTV's Haptic Feedback more than I thought I would.
I'm old... I need a nudge once in a while! "Hey you gonna hit that thing?"
I make the more clear distinction now, because the "ONE" has proven to have no quirks in 12 days as being my daily driver.
No Desktop.
A few uses of the Aura a day.
ONE in my fist 18 hours a day.
I'll get my stuff moved bit by bit.
I have learned patience.
Don't make me bust out with my motorcycle trip across America with only an MFLB. It happened!:myday:
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I was so far unable to secure a van to drive with to collect my tools... in another nearby city.
Regardless, tomorrow I get to go and hand pick whatever I can fit into my car from my collection of units and tools.
I'd like to thank @warren0728 not only for the donation of the half dozen 18650 type portables, but for changing my mind about using a new grinder. I have owned more grinder makes than I can count, and tested each once to decide on correct match for local patients. I never sat down and used any other grinder.
While tomorrow I will have my grinders, I did have my eyes open to "other" grinder technology that has passed me by.
Start slow is my plan, and remaining in compliance is paramount.
My schedule with patients begins on June 1st.
I need time to get to know what tools are where. Gheez it's been over 2 years since I have used these things.
I have seen a few new patients, to visit and learn about their needs.
A few more older regular patients have responded, so I'm setting up "upkeep" of glass and tubing.
I guess I better start looking for 91% Iso!
Thanks for reading!
Hi friends.
Yesterday I went to Vail to look at my vapes.
The overwhelming decisions about what was most important at this moment were finally made. Monday I will be leaving Rocket Man home and returning to Vail. My friend in Vail will drive the big boxes in her vehicle, while I use my back seat and trunk.
I decided what to bring home for this weekend:
**Enough tools and glass to work on a patient's problematic SSV.
It was the unit I was on my way to pick up when they arrested me in early 2022.
I picked it up yesterday, over 2 years late!
The owner was loaned a portable, an Airvape Legacy, which he may very well get to keep when this is done.
My vision being less sharp and fingers a bit less nimble have been making this particular SSV tricky.
I already broke one standard HC.:frown:
1st one to break at my own hands in a dozen years. Luckily I still had 2 in stock.

For my personal use for this week to hold me over until I get all the rest;
  1. Volcano
  2. SSV
  3. Aluminum Classic VaporGenie w/Walnut bowl
  4. Iolite
  5. WISPR E (yup an electric WISPR)
  6. Fury2
  7. Aura
All of the above are loaded for action... and I clean the one prior while I use the one designated as "next".
I love doing a Volcano bag of some nice bud. It's the Vaporist's version of being at the fair and eating cotton candy for me.
My first back to back Volcano bags at 369º had me pretty darned happy to be alive.
Thanks for reading.
Paying it Forward
The road has been bumpy at times.
That’s what happens when you care about something greatly.
I truly love what I have been doing with patients since 2010. The routine was so positive, but today is a different day.
Now that I have all of my Vaporizers back at home, and have reached out to many patients, it became clear that I need to start from scratch, and face the truth that things have changed.
Covid put a dent in proximity, and made paying it forward challenging. That was 2-3 years… and then my going to prison and being on Parole took another 2-3 years.
While I have already taken care of all maintenance issues for those patients remaining in contact with me, it took many years to build that patient base. Wasn’t this supposed to be automatic… the world snapping back to 6 years ago in it’s entirety?
I do have a few speaking engagements and demos coming up. I look forward to that.
I sure have more personal vapes than I remembered.
When the Feds said everything had to be gone in 12 hours, that did not give me time to take inventory of all of my personal vapes that inched their way to the back of a shelf, top of the closet, or bottom of drawer.
How I will proceed.
I am going to spread my collection of totally functional but no longer in daily rotation vapes to the patients that I meet.
I have a couple of brand new units from before my absence.
My vapes that are too complex to use for a new disabled patient, I will offer in classified ads here on the forum at very low cost.
Those couple of vapes that are brand new, but that I have duplicates of, I will offer in the classified ads here also at a very encouraging cost.
I will use the funds obtained for parts and consumable goods as well as to help myself through
Immediate Automobile costs (emissions, registration, and Insurance).
I believe this will be efficient in the process of providing Vaporizers to lower income patients for the long term, as well as the immediate need to keep me on the road to provide these services.

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