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Lunacy Picture This....


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A thread for posting pictures of things you find interesting.....

I got a little bit of elevator stomach with this one...

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A United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket is scheduled to blast off from Cape Canaveral this evening at 7:44 p.m. EDT (2344 GMT) to deploy the Wideband Global SATCOM 9 spacecraft, an international addition sponsored by allies to the the U.S. military high-capacity worldwide communications satellite constellation. Watch live at: https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/03/17/d377_journal/



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So some guac was prepared and as I was cleaning up see stuff lying on the board and think I haven't had a shot of tequila in like I can't remember how long, but years, and since someone recently referenced an affinity for the occasional shot why not this weekend being that it's a little special?



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Last time I checked, before I shut the live feed off, Delta 4 was going 18,000 MPH cruising off the east coast of Africa . . . :biggrin:



Edit: SpaceX doing its thing . . . :aaaaa:

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A local business that has closed but left the sign up.

For a shitty time, come on down to the Skat Center.......... 100% U.S.A skat. Non of that border crossing or foreign skat here:lmao:

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The layered mesas of Mars . . . stark and fascinating beauty from the layered deposits and complex erosion that has taken place in Uzboi Vallis . . .


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