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Lunacy Podcast


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This year I have dug deep into the podcast world and can't get enough!

I been listening to The Joe Rogan Experience for a while and kept hearing guest say they have podcast too.

Now I have over 20 different podcast I keep pretty up to date with, but it is mainly a bubble of L.A. comedians.

I was curious to what other people listen to, and how long before the vapecast emerges from the haze!?!

Heres a list of my favorites,
  • Joe Rogan
  • Joey Diaz
  • Ari Shaffirs
  • Duncan Trussell
  • Bill Burr
  • Bert Kreischer
  • Tom Papa
  • Tom Segura
  • Kill Tony
  • Greg Fitzsimmons
  • Dean Delray
  • Drinking Partners


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