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Dazed and Confused
Seller: @EveryDayAmnesiac aka "Whiskers"

Description of item: Golden Amboyna burl enano w/ accessories

Cost: Wompom

Delivery time: First Class... just like the man himself

Rating: 5 of 5

Comments: I have done business with EDA before and would definitely do again, thanks bro!
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Seller: @EveryDayAmnesiac

Buyer: @UN~YAH

Item: E-Nano with accessories

Cost: But a petance :biggrin:

Delivery time: ASAP :cool:

Rating: 100 out of 5. If only they could all be this easy.

Comments:. If you have been alive during the past few years on vape forums, then you know this was a no brainier. :smug:

The first classified transaction on VA could not have gone better. :thumbsup:

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