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Tips Properly loading the oven?


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So, how should one load an oven for a convection vape? Loosely or tightly? Can you not fill the oven all the way? Also, what do you do with what's left over? Any advice appreciated.
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Enter the Dragon
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There's too many variables with each vape but a good rule of thumb is for convection lightly tamp the load with a medium fine grind. For conduction fine grind & firm tamp. From there you can tailor to suit your vape & vaping style.


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Really depends on both the vape and user preference

We could give better advice on how to pack each different vape if you named them
No rule of thumb across the board for all vapes, they all work differently

I have convection and conduction that can be packed tight, light, full, partial loads depending on how you like it

Yet I have other conduction or convection vapes that are particular about how they are packed for best performance in relation to tightness, but they have to have a full bowl always to work at all

So we would need the name of the vapes in particular you want to know about before we could give more accurate advice

Personally I pack my vapes full most of the time regardless of their ability to do smaller bowls or not, and unless they are one that has to be packed lightly, I pack on the firmer side as I also prefer thicker and more dense clouds with a bigger hit at once

Some vapes have to be packed full to work, some can be packed as a half bowl if you like micro dosing (whatever that is lol)
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