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Safety PSA - Sourcevapes Source Nail bucket atomizers


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Unfortunately, this is not a vape safety approval candidate, but rather a warning to would-be users of the Source Nail concentrate pen atomizers:

Here is a high magnification, high resolution snap of the heater from my titanium bucket atomizer which has got me very concerned. Let me explain:

The Source nail atomizers use a ceramic donut heater on a raised platform that sits underneath the respective bucket atomizer. The problem, is that the bucket, to be fastened sufficiently to prevent vapor leaking into the cavity below and hence onto the top of the battery center pin will slightly scrape the ceramic heater below over time (all of the buckets are either as hard of a substance as the ceramic heater, or harder still in the case of the quartz and titanium versions, this is a major design flaw IMO). See my picture of the bucket after 2 days use:


Notice that ceramic has scraped away around the edges, revealing the metal heating element encased below which is connected by positive/negative wires to the center post and threading respectively.

The problem: In the event that this damage takes place and then the bucket is assembled subsequently in a way that does not seal the heater cavity from the nail dish itself, this may lead to small particles/shavings of ceramic in the heater cavity, and eventually, the vapor path! I cannot see any other damage to the unit, and have thoroughly inspected the wires internally. There is no buildup of reclaim or otherwise in the unit. I believe this scraping is responsible for the failure, and IMO, reveals an issue with the design. I was not at all overly firm when screwing the bucket into place!

I cannot recommend these bucket atomizers as a result of this finding.

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