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Tips Reusing hash oil with ghost mv1


New Member
Hi guys, when cleaning my MV1 I've been scraping the build up of oils off before cleaning the unit and putting it to one side.

Now I intend to use these oils like a concentrate with the concentrate pad. Does anyone else do this and have any advice?
Does anyone else do this and have any advice?

I found the Ghost was pretty useless at rosin, like most vapes designed for herb. Your reclaim would be better in caps and swallowed or even dabbed (not the best tasting but it medicates)
But if you only have a Ghost to use, just use a little on the pad as you might make a mess if you use too much.
Even a Dynavap is better at concentrates than the Ghost IME.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I tried it and wasn't exactly impressed. I did get a couple of nice hits but not what I expected.

Still, better than wasting it, which is what I did when I cleaned my arizer solos.

I'm just wondering if there is a knack to it like there is with dry herb

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