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Tips Rosin, best to press and worst


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I recently finished pressing some gorilla glue. Decent yields, crazy strong, and great taste, but it's a hassle to collect. It's so gooey it doesn't want to stick to itself like drier rosin will. I froze it for a half hour and it got hard, but only for minutes then it was gooey again. While its not liquid, it's not solid either at room temps. Like a thin grease. I froze most of it over night and that helped a little more but still just giving me a short window between hard shatter and goo. It's very good rosin tho, so that helps, lol.

All this got me thinking that we might help each other with a data base of good varieties to press and not so good ones as well.

I like super silver haze, Colombian gold, gorilla glue, and green crack the most. Good yields and good terpy rosin.

Some I like less, blue dream, good rosin, so so yields. Tangerine cookies, ok yields but the insanely great terpenes don't transfer into rosin as well as expected. Cannatonic #4 poor yields, but terpy rosin that reminds me of juicy fruit gum.
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I had trouble collecting rosin from my Incredible Bulk strain and this got me thinking about a decent collection plate and I have found the following;

I thought it would mount in the workbench next to a press nicely.:thumbsup:

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