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Meds Rotating Strains - How many strains do you like to have?


Always in search of the perfect vaporizer
i personally like to have at least a few different strains on hand prefereably 4 or 5. I usually buy in small quantities. I like to rotate strains - I like variety. I think a person's body gets used to one strain IMO just my experience. I don't know any science behind it.

I also like good vapor taste, some strains I stay away from because I don't like the vapor they produce. I won't buy the Purple Elephant again because I'm not fond of the vapor taste. I don't like the taste of White Widow either. I've tried it at different times so it wasnt from just the one harvest. I usually stay away from diesel. Several strains that help with pain but taste is something I look for as well.

I really like flowers over waxes. I do like to have some wax or shatter on hand. I do like wax a few times a week, usually sandwiched between cannabis. Or in a cotton ball.

I just know what works for me.
Usually a couple sativa hybrids for during the day and a couple or a few hard core indicas for night. I have a nice selection currently....
Tangerine Power
Silver Tip
Orange Creamsicle
Gorilla Glue
Granddaddy Purple
Purple Elephant
Gorilla Glue Wax Crumble
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i personally like to have at least a few different strains on hand prefereably 4 or 5
Yes! And I agree with your statement about getting used to a strain and it not seeming as effective. With my current set up with my caregiver, I usually get an ounce of the same strain at a time; sometimes two 1/2's of different strains. Luckily, while I was on my concentrate only kick, I managed to store up a few different strains. I'm currently working on:

Cherry Pie
Kosher Kush
Black Water Kush
Strawberry Cheesecake
Sweet Tooth
Sour Jack
Silver Queen

I prefer Indicas or Hybrids personally. :biggrin: :buzz:
I like a variety, too, and agree about feeling more if I rotate them. Prefer sativas & leaning hybrids during the day and indicas & leaning hybrids at night. Posting a list would embarrass me. Am grateful for Boveda packs and canning jars. Is there such a thing as SAS: Strain Acquisition Syndrome? :hmm:
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Is there such a thing as SAS: Strain Acquisition Syndrome? :hmm:
I have it...:nut:
Sativas are my go to. I am in constant pursuit of the best clear headed, energetic, happy strain out there.

I love the Jack hybrids :love:
And anything Thai is a treat :buzz:
Diesels get me where I'm going :wave:
And my precious Durban can't be beat. :smoke:

For evening hours I like cookies of any sort and CBD strains are in constant rotation.

I have no idea how many strains I have unless I walked all the way downstairs and counted the jars. Certainly well over 30 strains. I also "can" my bud for long term storage. Kept cool and dark, the jars are fitted with a bodeva pack and are the vacuum sealed. They last for years.

I flit back and forth trying different daily combinations. Today was a couple sessions with Atomic Jack. Then I moved on to some Pineapple Express. Getting ready now to vape a bit of Purple Space Cookies to settle in for the evening. I just discovered The Outlander so I'll be watching that. Then lights out. :zzz:
I can't wait to live in a legal state this thread is making me so jealous! Right now I have access to only one strain my supplier calls "fire" but which I like to call by its rightful name "garden poop". Last batch only had fifty or so seeds in an ounce so that was a plus!
Variety is the spice of life! This also works as my herb stock mantra!
Indica's by choice or Indica strong hybrids with some Sativa here and there.
Not a real fan of concentrates but maybe i have not had really good quality ones yet, not sure. Find them hard on the back of my throat even at low temps.
Started pressing my own Rosin and this is where the party is at! Super flavorful with a kick to match!

I like to have 10+ strains on hand at most times!
Doing this i can buy small amounts of a lot of strains and have bud for months! My usual order is 3,5g for new strains and 7g for ones i love!

On hand now i have:
Sour Diesel
Love Potion
Bentley OG
Purple Candy
Jedi Kush
Great White Shark
Blackberry Kush
Purple Mazar
Berry Bomb

Rockstar Shatter
Sunset Sherbet cake Batter
Great White Shark home pressed rosin (HPR)
Purple Mazar HPR
Trainwreck HPR
Blackberry Kush HPR

An ounce of herb lasts me almost 3 months...:headbang::volcano:
Is it ^^^^^ THCD ^^^^^ ? :thumbsup: I love them!

Mostly! They are pretty good and sometimes even excellent!
The shatter is from Royal Farmacy in Hamilton.
Mail order is the bomb!!

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