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Accessories Scoop-n-poke


Dogs like me

My new scoop-n-poke from Delta 3 studios ($28.30)
And a 1/8th measuring tea spoon that I stole from my DW. ($0.00).

I had to get one to try, but at the price you can get whole sets of stainless steel measuring tsp sets for less than $9-10.

And the 1/8 tsp holds more and I use the rounded bottom to tap loads or capsules.

The scoop-n-poke has a poker and is stainless steel.

All in all the measuring tsp works better for me. Although I have and use a lot of other Delta 3 studios gear, and this one is pretty neat, but not a good value.


Well-Known Member
Oh probably, lol.

I just wanted to post this to point out the price compared to cheaper options.

I took one for the team, lol. We've all been there.
I do like Mike's stuff and yes, the printed metal stuff is pricey.....I also have a LOT of his printed lotus stands, adapters, etc. Like Mike a lot.

BUT, while also not cheap ($16) I do find the most useful scoop IME is the NV Pax Loading Tool (which they should def rename and take "Pax" out).

Its a true scoop open at one end to facilitate pouring into a chamber, it fits into a LOT of chambers like ELBs and Enano tubes, and a level scoop of reasonably fine grind is almost spot on at .1 g (depending on grind, moisture level, etc but its a pretty dang good rule of thumb).



Well-Known Member
I have a scoop tool that is the same as the pax loading tool
Only it came from eBay I think and cost very little

I can't remember exactly the price or link but it was much more affordable and works fine, I use it for bubble hash mostly

I could be wrong, but I believe my stoner memory says to me I got the link from @CarolKing when I was on FC

I do like the look and shape of the scoop @Shredder posted
I have seen sneaky Pete use them

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