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Meds Second pass scavenger run


New Member
I save every tiny bit of solvent used with extract in it and then eventually am left with a lot of black gunk. Most of the black tar is from a short path experiment that ran and this is what was left behind. It has a very high boiling temp to get the clear stuff to come out and it bumps badly into the first collected fractions (bulbs). When bumping begins to get aggressive I discontinue the vacuum immediately and shut down. Then the bulbs with first pass material and the bumping gunk are jointed up with a clean boiling flask and heated with a hand torch to transfer all contents to new bulb by gravity. No open greased joints are crossed this way. Then fresh bulbs are installed in the rig and the new boiling flask loaded with first run material is set in the heating mantle and the second pass is run thusly.

The heat was shut off to end the second run. Distillation will continue as long as vacuum is held for a long time. The distillate will continue to be run his way multiple times, usually three. Each pass further refines the distillate towards absolute purity. It is a nice way to pass a few hours.

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