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Grow Seeds seeds help pls


New Member
Hi! I’m looking for NL seeds. What to do if I can’t find a shop with this strain? I know good shops but most of them don’t have it in stock. Iʼve already browsed Seedsman and Barney’s but no luck. I’ve found it in Herbies but I wonder why the price is different from other shops?
Here is link with prices below. This will be my first order so I wanna choose proper store
Herbies - https://herbiesheadshop.com/cannabis-seeds/northern-lights-seed-stockers
I know Herbies is good but is it a reasonable price?

btw from the comments it seems like not everybody like Barney’s for some reason (I didn’t find any review from there) and Seedsman is always out of stock. Anyway I want to order as soon as possible


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