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Grow small & stealthy


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hey all. Illinois’mmj program currently does not allow home cultivation, but word is home grows may become allowable soon if recreational is legalized this year - at least for medical users.

Were it to become legal, I would consider growing, but still I don’t care to broadcast it to neighbors, in-laws, etc so would prefer something small and discreet.

I also don’t need a crazy yield. A few ounces here or there to supplement the dispensary would be great.

That got me looking at space buckets and small tents. I kind of prefer the plug & play style of the tents. Tents also seem to provide better odor control options, no?

How small of a tent could I get away with if I only wanted say 2 small-ish plants at a time. What kind of light requirments would I be looking at?
Not an expert on tents, but check out the 111 thread for a microgrow. Used a 2'x4' (actually slightly smaller) tent briefly in the closet, but there was certainly no point in that. All it did was take up precious space. Also, never have a problem with odor. Don't know why, but work in the same room with the plant in the closet. Only notice a pleasant fragrance when the closet door is open. No powerful skunk odor. Suppose it must be ventilation, but it's still a little surprising.

For just a few ounces, you can grow autos. They're small, fast and don't require a switch to 12/12 lighting. As @psychonaut knows, this presents challenges of its own, but they're good challenges that you'll learn from quickly. (Basically, the plant needs to grow as much as it can in its brief veg phase before automatically starting to flower - no time to recover from early stress.) When and if you switch to photos, you'll be that much better at growing.
Thanks! I went through your thread this morning. Good stuff!

I was thinking autos would fit best fit my size and yield requirements. If I did 2 auto plants could I have one vegging and one flowering under the same light? Being able to harvest a small plant every 5 or 6 weeks would probably cover all my needs.
If I did 2 auto plants could I have one vegging and one flowering under the same light? Being able to harvest a small plant every 5 or 6 weeks would probably cover all my needs.

Maybe, but it wouldn't be easy. Recommend growing and harvesting just one first. You might find that you want to change other conditions (temp, humidity) with each growth stage or to deal with pests. You also won't be able to use the same space for drying.
How many plants are you growing with this setup? What lights are you using?

Depends on the size of the plants. I have had up to 8 plants at one time but they were small. 4 medium sized plants seems easy to manage. Less pots to water.

My lights are Chinese branded about 125w each. That's real wattage. High end LEDs are pretty expensive even if I buy online with our crappy exchange rate.

I could prolly do better if I spent a bit more but I'm happy with it so far.

Edit ... My tent is only 1.6m high so my plants cannot be very tall when they are switched to 12/12. I run out of head room if they stretch to much.
The most consistent and healthy auto was Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel. 3 of 3 seeds produced identical, vigorous plants. Delicious La Diva was a very pleasant surprise freebie with a strong reputation. If it's okay to plug another forum, autoflower.net also has a very helpful and experienced community of growers.


A few grows back. Don't recall whether this was under the old LED - less than half as powerful.

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