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Meds Strainprint App To Improve Your Cannabis Usage (And Pay It Forward)


Hand of the Queen
I wanted to share this app with everyone here because you can help both yourself and others by using it. You input each session to track the reason you are medicating for and the strain you use. After a certain amount of time (depending on the intake method) they ask you how it impacted you, both medically and side effects. I have been using it for the last week and it is quite easy to use. As a person who thinks that there is a great amount of data out there to help us understand cannabis, if we just start to collect it. The app seems to be more geared toward acute symptoms, as opposed to preventative use, but they know this and are considering their options. I have also told them that I believe weight of dosage is a better measure than number of puffs for a vaporizer since number of puffs on different vapes can mean very different dosages.

For Canadian patients, they are connected with many LPs and already have many of their strains listed. I think Emblem even has a deal with them to use their points towards cannabis. I think I might have to bother my LP about that!

Another great reason to use the app is that you can earn free vapes and accessories by earning points. They have the airvape xs and rocket grinder already and I know they are also planning on adding items including stash logic bags and other vapes. Each session gets you 25 points. I am already around 2/3 of the way towards a vape. Since I am very content with the vapes that I have (although I should update the Your Current Lineup Thread), I would not have use for the airvape xs that I would earn. Therefore I will be forwarding all vapes that I get on to Vitolo. Because many of the patients that @Vitolo helps (details here) would be unable to use the app, I still think that we as a community can help them benefit. I encourage everyone to start using this app and let's starting fitting Vitolo's army with some strainprint vapes and accessories!
I looked over the app, and found it a sound and useful tool for those with the technology to make use of it.
I am amazed that you are thinking of ways to help the local community here.
Thank you for starting my day off on such a positive note!
The rest of us could all learn a thing or ten from you guys about helping the community. :cheers: I hope you have had a wonderful day. As long strain print don't change the point system, I am hoping to get at least one new vape to you per month.

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