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Meds STRAINS - Micro-dosing


New Member
I 'medicate' with Cannabis for many reasons, or for a combination of reasons, as well as hopefully a preventative measure against the onset of many age related diseases.

I, like many, turn to references like Leafly for guidance first.

But, I would like to be able to hear from others regarding what 'strains' are working for them for any specific malady.

I don't expect any guaranties, but would really appreciate some 'opinions' on what specifically 'seems' to work for them.

I don't care if Your opinion goes against the grain of the general consensus, since nothing is really set in stone when it comes to Cannabis.

I personally, find that many strains react differently with Me, than what is supposed to be generally accepted?

We hear so much these days about the incongruencies around strains of Cannabis, that there are no black and whites, regarding Sativas vs Indicas.

There are no longer very many if any true 'virgin' strains, or 'landrace' available, and then we have Hybrids of all kinds, with often Very misleading name!

Also there are many strains with hyphenated names whereby two strains may share one of the same Labels, though the parent strains actually have no relationship?

I believe even well known strains can differ widely between different growers, different growing environments, even different batches!

Not to mention mislabeling of the product either completely or of that of a modified version of a strain?

Anyhow, I would like to profit from others personal experiences, and I'm speaking for 'Medical' reasons specifically.

I'm speaking to those whos technique is VAPING, since this is the only way to try to achieve any Accuracy and Consistency.

it would be nice to know Strain type, Producer, Quantity of Flower loaded , (NO OILS):shit:, technique, as in 'stepped' or 'on demand and time interval, even type/model of Vape.

Temperatures? How many 'steps', etc.

I'm actually very surprised at just how accurate some references are, especially given that some may have been actually 'reviewed' by very few?

I don't care how experienced You are, there are a majority of long time 'stoners' out there who know very little, and whos experience is heavily weighted towards Indicas? bonghit

We're dealing with Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids and who knows what?

I know that there are Infinite variables when it comes to the use of Cannabis, But! We have to start somewhere?

Cannabis STRAIN TREE 1.png
That map itself makes me anxious, lol.

I have a completely different take on medicating. I let the plant teach me. I sample buds to judge effects, so I know my supply, and I vape whatever I feel like at that moment.

If you can forget your controlling everything, and open your mind marijuana will lead you. I'm not sure I could relax with all that data bumping around in my brain. When I enjoy the suns warmth, I don't need to know every detail about sun light.

I say forget all that, relax, vape whatever, and let your body tell you what no graph ever could. Make it a personal experience, over a clinical one. Listen to your body. This may all seem hippy dippy, but I don't have anxiety. Marijuana has been in use over 5000 years without graphs or mega data, and I don't see how knowing every detail would enhance anything.

Whether a plant is an indica or sativa, I'm more inclined to follow my nose (terpenes) to judge what I might like.

You may not like what i said or agree with me, but I hope this is food for thought.
I believe even well known strains can differ widely between different growers, different growing environments, even different batches!

I'm not sure that belief is needed...to me, this is a demonstratable fact. For example, in my state, we had three med growers all growing The Guice. They were all very different.

If you don't live in the same state...or in cases like CA the same part of the state...and buy a given strain from the same grower in that state...then all bets are off.

This is why I don't think your inquiry will result in anything useful other than very broad guidance which you need to then validate by purchases where you live from growers in your state.

I vape for pain and sedation...almost exclusively at night. There are some sort of standard, benchmark strains I like for this...e.g. Bubba Kush, MK-Ultra, Northern Lights, etc.
But, strain names and genetics are so F'd up these days...and there are so many "new" hybrid strains given unique names that may well be only a hair's width different than another named strain that its almost impossible to tell, except by first hand experience, what will work for your medical use case.

Then there are our brains....each different....each reacting to cannabinoids in a different way. Some find some strains to be energizing and put them in a creative mood. That NEVER happens to my brain. So, its pretty damn hard to come up with a useful answer to your questions, IMO.

Cheers and best of luck.
For pain, I want my THC. I keep my CBD seperate, so I'm content that I know what to grab for pain. I agree with @Shredder, and get to know my plant, and that guides me. This isn't something made in a lab, so I don't expect it to act like something from a pharmacy shelf. I also am fine with knowing that any given plant might work with my body differently than someone else's. For me, cannabis is a personal experience that isn't dependent upon someone else telling me what it should do. My body gives enough feedback, and I am not concerned about it being the same experience someone else has with that same plant. I also have never noticed anyone being "afraid" to talk about cannabis, and what they like and don't like, or anything else about it. Why would they be afraid on a vape site?

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