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Vape Supreme V4


Ed from Supreme Vaporizers has done it again!
The Supreme we all love so much is now a desktop unit!
One must write to Ed directly to order one. ( purevapor@yahoo.com )
Some shots from Ed (Supreme):



reaching maximum velocity...
I wish Ed would post some videos of it in action!
The SV3 videos he did before release were mind blowing!!
Love the "sticky vapor" as he called it.


reaching maximum velocity...
My Supreme Version 4 has landed!!
Since it was shipped to Canada, I was limited to a few options as Ed does not want to ship electronics across the border anymore.
I went for the bare bones version which is just the heat exchanger and a bowl.
The flat coil has been ordered and should be here by Tuesday and then testing will start!

Ed has also modified the design slightly by eliminating a lot of the silicone covering the external tube.
The original had a two ply style silicone tubing on it.
It is now cut down to just grab the stem just like the SV3.

Here are some updated pics!

And the very reduced silicone mod now recommended



reaching maximum velocity...
Just wanted to drop this quick little video of a 0,05g load!
Temp was set at 335C.

This is an amazing little convection heater for full convection hits.
It is so simple to use and maintain and is so consistent in it's performance!

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PuffItUp Dynavap VGoodiez 420EDC