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The only real payoff with a hobby like this is the show and tell aspect of it. This dab started life in the boiling flask as solvent laden black gunk that could kill cockroaches from a distance with all the ethyl acetate present too, and then bit by bit, and process after process, I made it into something light, yellow, and very pleasant.

I know that I am approaching absolute purity from the flavor, taste, and cognitive impact it has on me.

When thc approaches absolute purity to me it does not have a taste to me per say but more of a vague sweet aftertaste. It is the same kind of sweetness I feel on a hot and humid day and I am parched from hiking then take a drink from a cool stream or even a tall glass of ice water. The water is just water - no flavor added, but something about quenching the thirst that way is perceived as being very sweet. THC is like this to me. The smell is not quite as vague as the taste but it is faint. I would normally guess it came from a fruit but it is very subtle that way.

Pure THC also works best in short spaced doses for me. For me the effect is exponentially more potent the closer to absolute purity it gets.

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