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Vape The Apollo by Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor

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Hello Friends,

We would like to introduce you to the Linx Apollo: our best, and latest, cannabis concentrate vaping device. This small and mighty vaporizer is the new addition to the award-winning vaporizers we have been developing here at Linx Vapor, where we focus on health-centric technology advancements in cannabis vaporizers. The Apollo comes in a premium black carrying case with a plethora of accessories. The device is compact, making it discreet and super portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

In that small body, we packed a 2600mAH battery coupled with our signature all-quartz inlaid atomizer to deliver strong hits and pure flavor session after session! The uniqueness of the Apollo lies in its versatility, it can be used as two devices in one. By attaching it to the Linx Glass Bubbler, it becomes a super compact device for you dab on-the-go. Alternatively, use it as an e-rig by plugging it onto your bong to replace the traditional torch and rig, leaving behind burnt fingers, burnt glass and wasted extracts. With full airflow control in both portable and desktop mode, you’ll be able to maximize your vapor production and enjoy your extract to their full potential. We integrated the Heat boost feature in addition to four pre-programmed temp settings. The Heat Boost is another handy and must-have feature that allows you to effortlessly customize your session. Hold the power button for the unrestricted temperature boost to maximize clouds or opt for the low temp vaping for purer and smoother hits. From the cloud chasers to the concentrates snobs, the Apollo will deliver with its versatility and customization!

For a price of $259.99, you’ll be surprised by the punch we packed in this little monster and all the complementary accessories.

But for our friends from this forum, here is a little gesture with this coupon: VAAPOLLO10
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Get ready for lift-off with the Apollo.

For more info, visit: www.linxvapor.com
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