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Lunacy The Cullowhee Gas Station Thread


I guess I just wasn't made for these times.
I'm starting this thread because there is some kind of fucking drama at this place EVERY TIME Sierra and I go there. They should be live streaming every hour they're open - they'd make a fortune.

So it's on the edge of the university campus, and centered where a lot of the community college kids live - so the clientele is 90% 17 - 23 year olds. And you know how it is when you're that age ... the drama just follows you.

Sierra and I went there today - she wanted her damn pineapple/mango juice - and we got there at a bad time. Three registers open and the lines were nearly out the door. Just a crunch time.

So nobody really knows who got in line when or who's next and we're all just being polite and letting whoever go next so these poor cashiers can get through it.

Now, I'm a keen observer of people. That's kind of my job, as a writer. Watching people, what you think they're going to do, and why, guessing their history, watching their posture and body language and anticipating their reactions, etc. If you fancy yourself a writer and you're not observing people ... good luck with that.

So there's this woman in line. And she's obviously a Karen. Any idiot with a brain cell still working could see it. And I was watching the rage boiling up inside her. I could see that shit was about to go down. She was shaking, she was so mad. And there was nothing I could do.

So a guy goes in front of her at the line. Unclear if he was there first or not. The lines were so long no one knew. Now, this guy was black - I only mention it because it plays part in the story.

And this white woman ... this horrible woman ... starts ranting and raving and dropping N-word bombs on him. She must have screamed it at least a dozen times.

Can we just retire that word? I'm not saying this as a "woke bro" here to lecture you ... I just really don't like that word. Even before I knew what it meant, I didn't like it. It's gutteral and dirty and I think it should go away. Remember it, of course. But please stop using it. Is it actually doing anyone any good?

I say bitch and cunt all the time, so I've got my own work to do. But I would never use that word.

To his credit, he just shrugged it off. Clearly not the first time he's been called that. So good for him.

And all he was buying was some Gatorade and some milk! With cash. The transaction took less than a minute!

So Sierra and I are waiting at the girl's register that we love. She is bold and brazen as shit and if you give her crap or sass or attitude she'll throw it right back in your face and make you wish you had never been born. She does not tolerate any form of impoliteness. And she happens to be black.

So when Karen went on her N-word rampage, she jumped across the counter and pushed and shoved and threw Karen out the door and stood at the door until Karen drove away.

She comes back in and everyone is clapping, and she's not having it. "Okay who's next? I don't have all day, people."

Sierra asked her what the deal with that Karen was. "Shit, that bitch be coming in here for a month acting like she better than all of us and how she too good to be at a gas station and we should be all like kissing her feet and fuck that. That woman is a fucking bitch. If she ever comes back I'm going to show her what it's like."

I don't plan on getting on this girl's bad side anytime soon.

Life at the Cullowhee gas station.

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