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Discontinued The Hanu Stone

Vapes no longer in production


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Hey, this came out from Seibo Shen at Hanu Labs and I wanted to give my first impressions.

The opening experience on the box was mixed. I love the packaging, the Stone, its feel, look, texture, neutrality of odor etc. However, the pod leaked CBD oil all over the place. I'm trying to find a way to get it to stop leaking. I stood it on end, it leaked. I stood it on the other end, it leaked. Its on its side right now and its not leaking but this is a big problem. Maybe I got a defective pod because I don't believe they would design it this way. Anyways there is enough CBD in there to do a test.

Fully charged the Stone. Nice LED feedback everything looks straight forward. This thing feels really good in my hand. Just took my first 5 pulls, and am having an amazing experience. I love how smooth, cool, and supple the vapor is. I was skeptical about the flavor but its awesome!! Cool, smooth, supple vapor with a nice taste and essential oil effect. Easy draw, instant vapor that gets better with each pull.

This is my first use of the stone but I can see myself using this nightly as a pain/sleep aid. I hope the pod I received is defective and not indicative of what they are supposed to be like. Also, it is unclear if I need to remove the pod when I am done with a session or if I can leave it in the Stone for transport in the nice carry bag.

So The only issue I have had is the leaky, nonrefillable, pod, otherwise this thing is great!!! :-)

I would photograph the pod but there is no visual indication of any defects.

Stone function is really great, awesome cool, supple vapor, device is easy to understand and use. The Stone has a rock solid quality feeling in your hand, and is aesthetically pleasing. Charging was quick, simple, and the LED feedback is really nice. The only weak point for me so far is the leaky pod. Its unacceptable how much it is leaking. Overall impression is extremely positive, hopefully I just received a defective pod because if I can get pods that do not leak I will use this device all the time. I'm experiencing a pleasant mellow effect right now, very relaxing, I can tell this will be great before bed. This device is amazing, Hanu Labs have done a great job.

I will try and get a usage video done soon . . . :cool:

Edit: I saw some folks talking about the "wick" in the Stone. The atomizer in the Stone is a ceramic, porous, chamber which can provide awesome vapor at low temperatures while preserving desired terpene profiles. So NO wick!

Edit: Putting the atomizer in the pod is great because you get a brand new clean one with every change. Refilling will be an issue.




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Hey @t-dub, excuse my ignorance, but, is this a concentrate only vape? What's the price?
Yeah its oil only from the prefilled "pods". I believe the price is $79 USD. It comes with one pod and then you have to buy more from authorized producers. There are a lot in California but none here in Oregon yet. Which brings up an issue as thes pods tend to leak when shipped. Hopefully Seibo will get this issue resolved quickly. Not sure if you can refill these with a syringe/needle yet, however if you did so I would think the ceramic atomizer would have some kind of lifespan where it would eventually soil and become unusable.

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